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Apr 24 2012

the mysterious weekend life i lead…

I had a student ask today what I wear on the weekends. Many students struggle to understand why I dress up as much I do for school, so I’m not that unfamiliar with random questions about my attire. The life teachers lead outside of school also seems to be highly fascinating to them. Today instead of allowing me to answer the probing questions, a number of students enjoyed allowing their creativity to run wild… According to them, I wear booty shorts and walk my bulldog named Shaquita around the neighborhood on the weekends. It provided a good dose of entertainment, enough to not really worry about correcting them. I think they would be sadly disappointed that most weekends I spend sleeping, grading their papers, and writing lesson plans… in sweatpants!

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  1. els

    I’m pretty much a hermit/old lady on the weekends…I think my kids know this, and they think my life is sad :)

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