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Apr 19 2012

don’t be too surprised… but i’m actually being positive

Today was a good day. I decided it’s not to often I dwell on the positives so I thought I could at least share this. We’re taking our standardized state tests for science (not the highlight… not at all) and that means we have block scheduling where classes are two hours. Trying to teach children for two hours straight while they’re also spending a different two hours staring at a computer screen answering boring questions is not easy. I decided to do something new today that I’d been wanting to try-stations. The idea of centers or stations is much more common in elementary, but thought it had some middle school potential. It took me quite a lot of time to prepare however of course I did it all the night before. I was worried going into it. For the most part, it seems the things I think will work great and really prepare for tend to fail miserably. But today, it worked. It worked really well actually (of course not perfectly but I’m being positive). It worked so well that even the students commented on how much they enjoyed it. Pretty sure that’s never happened before.

Since I’m only proctoring tests tomorrow, I got a manicure and a massage tonight and took the time to make myself a good dinner. Pretty great day for the most part! It’s actually nice to be back after spring break. I definitely understand its purpose now. I was really struggling before break and didn’t want anything more than to be back home. It actually scared me because I was afraid I wouldn’t want to return to Delaware. Spring Break however was perfect. It was just the right length and I got to see a ton of people to really┬árejuvenate myself. Now I’ve also realized I consider Wilmington home (well one of a few but still a home nonetheless). I was actually a little bit excited to come back and be back in my own apartment and my own bed. This place is familiar and I do love the feeling of familiarity and being settled.┬áSpring break definitely gave me the energy I need to finish out the next 33 school days strong!

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