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Feb 26 2012

the occasional joys of grading…

Grading is a pain. Period. It just is. However I have one student who always leaves commentary on story problems after answering them. It cracks me up and makes grading a little less painful.

Question 24 commentary:
Dale has 12 red skittles and 8 yellow ones. But they red ones are better cuz the yellow ones just taste like lemon-scented soap or something like that. ew!

Question 25 commentary:
“Sally has 12 white and 21 purple marbles. I bet even¬†they¬†would taste better than the stupid yellow skittles that Dale had up there!”

Question 30 commentary:
“A car running on 25 gallons of gas can run for 225 miles. I want a VW cuz they’re cute. I mean I know they’re sorta ugly but… I don’t know I sorta like them. None of this has to do with the problem so I really hope I got it right otherwise this will be really awkward later.”

And as for the extra credit….

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  1. els

    I wish this website had a “love” button!

  2. Jenn

    This is absolutely awesome!! It’s the little joys that keep us going

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