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Feb 01 2012

yes, these things actually happen…

It was a long day. Let me explain two parts of the ridiculous points that happened within just one period.


1. Two of my female students were arguing and yelling back and forth. This happened about twice and I got them to stop and turn around and continue doing the classwork. However, the third time they were standing fairly close and nearly yelling. I intervened, asked and figured out what was happening  with them responding in calm voices (reason was pretty minor disagreement on differing perspectives of a situation). While I was still standing there, they started yelling at each other again. This time after I repeatedly asked, they weren’t stopping or sitting down. So I started yelling, just a general ahhhhh scream. As they got louder, I got louder. Eventually I was louder than them, and they stopped, and just looked at me. At that point I said, “Yeah I can yell louder than you so sit down and shut up.” I’m not proud. Even at the time, I knew it was pretty funny for those witnessing. For clarification, this wouldn’t be the way anyone would recommend you dealing with any situation I’m pretty sure. But… it worked. Pure ridiculousness.


2. We used glue sticks today in class. Apparently by the 8th grade, students are not responsible enough to do so however. One of my students opted to coat the entire seat of a student chair with glue and leave it for whoever sat down next. Another student sat down it, figured it out, and changed chairs leaving it empty until of course I sat down on it. Let’s just say, I was a little bit upset and felt like I was in a Dennis the Menace cartoon or something. Again pure ridiculousness.


I hope you can laugh at this. Between the moments of frustration in my head, I was laughing too. Sometimes I don’t even believe these things are actually happening to me.


Thankfully, I have a training tomorrow and will get a 24 hour break from my lovely lovely little cherubs.

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  1. Sometimes with students, the contrast between how frustrating a situation is in the moment and how funny it is in retrospect is just ridiculous. Of course, we blog readers only experience the funny aspect.. Heh.

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