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Dec 10 2011

she’s not dead yet…

I assigned new seats in my math class the other day. A few of my students were rather vocal on their distaste for the changes made. I told them that I was not going to waste class time over on the debate, and if they have a major issue with something, they could write me a letter addressing their concerns and possible solutions. The letters I received were pretty comical, and very few changes will be made. I did want to share one letter with you all that I found to be most ridiculous. You should know that this was actually one of the three total letters I received from this student alone. I’ve typed it exactly as she wrote it because I think the lack of English skills only adds to it.

“Dear Wenell

I seriously hate this seat with a passion, It is bugging me that I can’t sit with my friends. Now If you think about it I have to talk 9 x as louder than usual so think about don’t take to long cause I am goin to die of BOREDUM do you want that death of a 13 year old over a seat.
AA/the child who is going to die soon :) of boredom.”

If you see that I’ve put in jail for murder, you’ll know that apparently she did die after all. I keep taking my chances for now though!

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