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Jun 29 2011

So here we go…

*originally written 6/21/11

Day one! Well not quite… more like the day before day one. I arrived in Wilmington today. Induction (TFA’s word for orientation) starts tomorrow. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m everything. I’m surprisingly unemotional though. I’ve never dealt real well with transition. Each significant transition before has been hard for me. Even a year ago when I went to Seattle, the first few days were just emotionally difficult. Granted I was in a much harder place a year ago; a lot of things in my life were unsettled at that time. But now in this transition, I feel much more at peace. It’s only the first day, and I’m sure more emotions will come. I’m happy though. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in life. All the questions of my life are not answered. I trust still that some day they will be and that others will arise, but I’m okay with the unanswered questions right now. I feel very fortunate to say that because often in my life I have struggled with the concept of unanswered questions. At the end of my Austria blog, I wrote “Change is hard. But without change, growth is difficult.” Well it feels like it’s time for change. So here we go!

From what I’ve seen of Wilmington thus far:

-It’s very much a commuter city, so everything downtown shuts down at 5pm. It was really hard finding a place to eat dinner tonight for that reason. We actually ended up eating festival food though cause there is a jazz festival this week. It was a great relaxing atmosphere to end a stressful day of traveling.

-There’s lots of one ways downtown which is unnecessary and annoying I think.

-There’s one street (keep in mind I’ve really only seen downtown) which is really nice. Very pretty old city buildings. But the rest of it seems a little old and run down. Not sketchy but not pretty.

-It’s a very easy 20 min drive from the Philadelphia airport!

All the people I’ve met today (about 10 or so) have been very nice. All a very diverse mix of people just in terms of personalities. Situations like this can be hard for me because I’m introverted and can’t handle being in the ‘meeting new people’ mode constantly. It’s draining for me. I just hope that I can find time away from people to recharge and still make friends and connections!

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