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Jun 29 2011

So… Delaware?

*Originally written 6/23/11

A little background on TFA-Delaware…. Two years ago was the first time corps members were placed in Delaware schools because of the push from business and community leaders. At that time Delaware was considered to be part of the Mid-Atlantic region which was primarily Philadelphia. This is the first year where we are technically our own site. We will have our own staff and office all here in Wilmington for the first time. There’s always good and bad things about being the first or part of a transition. Mom and I always joke that I end up in a lot of these ‘transition’ situations, but this time it feels like its a good thing. When I originally joined the region, we weren’t our own site. So now I’m thankful that we will get a lot more personal attention and be able to really start to define what the corps will look like here.

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